The Montessori Method

The Montessori Philosophy


In 1907, Dr. Maria Montessori opened the doors to the world's first Montessori School.
Unlike any educational approach of its time, the Montessori philosophy places deep value and trust in the child, allowing them to lead their own journey of social, emotional, and academic growth. Through observation and study, Maria Montessori came to holistically understand the needs, or sensitive periods, of the child at each stage of their development, and dedicated her life to create a child-focused environment where learning continues to flourish.

At Montessori of Greenwich Bay, our approach to education is led by the child's desire to learn, promoting self-directed discovery, experiential learning, and a collaborative, nurturing environment. Every aspect of Montessori of Greenwich Bay is devoted to your child’s growth and development.

'Whole Child' Education

Unlike other educational disciplines, the Montessori curriculum calls upon the whole child, valuing their physical, social, emotional, cognitive, and secular spiritual development, reaching far beyond narrow-scoped core subjects to create an encompassing academic program. The whole child approach focuses on connections and relationships: between subjects and objects, students and peers, ideas and actions, body and mind.

We challenge children to explore, investigate, and discover a more vivid picture for every pursuit. For example, when planting vegetables in our garden, we learn about agriculture, the life cycle of a seed, the significance of our environment, the interdependence of our ecosystem, the nutritional value of food, and a host of related concepts. 

The child is free to follow wherever their curiosities may lead.

Just as the seed does not grow solely on it’s own - neither does the child. Hence, the whole child approach to holistic Montessori education. Both our Toddler and Primary (including Kindergarten) programs' curriculums are comprised of interrelated self-correcting exercises, designed to enrich your child’s natural intelligence and budding curiosity as different developmental sensitivities to learning emerge.

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