Admissions Process

Rolling Admissions

We are currently offering admission for the spring of 2018 and accepting applications for the 2018/2019 school year as well as 2018 summer programming.

Parent Visit/Classroom Observation

We invite you to come observe, visit, and experience our Montessori classrooms. This opportunity is the best way to see the Montessori philosophy at work. We ask that you not bring your child for the initial visit, so that you are able to wholly observe the classroom environment. 

Please email or call Lynne Way, Head of School, to schedule a tour., or call at (401) 234-1243.

Child Visit

If you wish to further consider Montessori of Greenwich Bay, we would be happy to set up a time for you and your child to visit the classroom together. 

We also highly encourage children to attend our summer programming if they plan to enroll for a Fall start. This way, we can begin to build relationships with the child and familiarize them with the classroom environment to help them transition more easily when the school year starts.

Application Procedure

The Registration Application, a Tuition Worksheet and a Deposit/Fees will hold a space for your child.  You will receive more detailed information during your visit.


Our tuition and fees are based on research, offering competitive prices for nationally recognized programming. We are proud to provide a very high quality curriculum and authentic Montessori education for our students. We have excellent child-to-teacher ratios, highly qualified staff and beautiful Montessori materials and classrooms.


Consistency is essential to help the child get the most out of the Montessori method, environment and experience. With that, we recommend that all children attend five days; but for the Primary program we ask, at least, that 3-year-olds attend three days, 4-year-olds four days, and 5-year-olds five days. Toddler options are two, three and five days. 

Thank you for considering joining our community of families. If you have any further questions, we would be happy to talk with you.